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4 year old Core Curriculum


DIG: Develop. Inspire. Grow

Develop. Inspire. Grow (D.I.G), a Delaware STARS and DOE recommended and approved curriculum. D.I.G is a core Pre-K program that develops the whole child, inspires big learning across all domains and grows early learners into confident kindergarten-ready students. 

The  curriculum offers:

  • A balance between play and instructional skills

  • Dr. Jean’s cheers, chants, and active movements used throughout each week of instruction

  • 8 themes that build on social emotional, language development, emergent reading, emergent writing, mathematics, science and health, creative arts, physical development, and cognitive development skills, writing, mathematics, science, social studies and art.

3 year old Core Curriculum


         BIG DAY for Pre-K

Big Day for PreK builds upon children’s curiosity and interest and encourages them to explore, play, and learn about the world around them.    The comprehensive curriculum is designed to ensure that children acquire new knowledge, skills, and understanding each day through hands‐on experience, purposeful play, and teacher‐led instruction.

Big Day for PreK provides intentional instruction in all learning domains:

  • Social-Emotional Development

  • Oral Language and Vocabulary

  • Emergent Reading

  • Emergent Writing

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Fine Arts

  • Physical Development

  • Technology

Supplemental Curriculum



Bridges Pre-K is playful and play-based, designed to engage children through the use of contextual themes, games, stories, mysteries and intriguing problems, manipulative and visual models. It is also logically sequenced around well-researched developmental progressions to allow for depth and focus as children progress in math knowledge and skills. 

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All Curriculum align with:

Delaware Early Learning Foundations 



Head Start Child Outcomes

Teaching Strategies GOLD Objectives

Child Outcomes

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