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Early Childhood Assistance Program(ECAP)

Early Childhood Assistance Program (ECAP) is funded by the Delaware Department of Education and provides free preschool services for Delaware’s three- and four-year-old children with qualifying risk factors. The following families are encouraged to apply: families whose income is equal to or below the federal poverty level, families with children in foster care, families with children experiencing homelessness, and families who receive TANF.

 The focus in education is in the areas of language, literacy, social-emotional, physical development, health, nutrition and mental wellness. The goal is to prepare children to be successful in kindergarten and beyond.​


Contact for more information:

Family Service Coordinator



Who is Eligible?

Children 3 years old or 4 years old by August 31 are accepted into ECAP based on the following:

  •  From a family with annual income at or below 100 percent of federal poverty level; **Some higher income families may qualify**

  • Qualify for school district special education services;

  • English Language Learners

  • Families who receive TANF, or are homeless or receive SSI or receive SNAP

  • At risk families


Documentation Needed

  • For verification of age - Child’s birth certificate

  • For verification of income - Income Tax form-1040, or W-2 forms, TANF, unemployment or two most recent pay stubs

  • Proof of residency- Utility Bill

  • Immunizations and physical

ECAP Annual Report
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