Indian River School District Admissions

The Indian River School District is committed to meeting the needs of preschool aged children with and
without identified disabilities and their families. Children with identified disabilities/IEPs will receive free special education services .

  •  The families of children with IEPs do not need to apply for program admission.

  • Children without identified disabilities/IEPs are Typical Peers and must apply for admission to participate in onsite programming within the Indian River School District. For a child to be considered for admission as a Typical Peer, the child must not be eligible for special education services. If a
    child has not been found to be eligible for special education services on the date that the
    parent/guardian applies for admission to the Typical Peer Program, but the child is subsequently
    determined to be eligible for special education services, the child’s parent/guardian is to notify the
    school, that the child has been found to be eligible for special education services. Then, the
    child’s Typical Peer Application will be withdrawn.

  • The number of Typical Peer openings may change at any time based on factors such as
    student withdrawals, reassignment of students to other classes, program finances, etc.

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Required Documentation

Once found eligible or selected for a program, please be prepared to supply the following documents:


  •    Birth certificate

  •    A record of your child’s immunizations

  •    Documentation of your child’s latest physical

  •    Proof of residency (phone bill, utility bill, etc.)



Dear Parent/Guardian,

This is only an application for the Early Learning programs, not registration. Applying for the Early Learning programs does not guarantee placement into the programs. Depending on the the program choice, parents will be asked to submit additional documents.  Please make sure you have completed the screening process before applying!

Thank you

Typical Peer Application

Early Learning 

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